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Graham McNevin talks to Build & Renovate

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  • "Both clients absolutely loved the process."
  • "The internal decor was kept traditional."

McNevin Architecture is a Dublin based design practice that predominantly work on projects in Leinster but have projects in their portfolio from all over the country. The practice prides themselves on building strong client relationships to ensure that every need is understood and met. Their goal is creating eco-friendly, light filled spaces to fill with joy.

Here, Architect Graham McNevin talks to this publication about a residential project in Harolds Cross.
“The clients in this project appointed me at a very early stage as we knew each other outside of the professional dynamic. When they were looking to purchase a house they had two houses (both circa 1930’s) in mind. One in Marino and one in Harolds Cross.

Upon viewing, both houses had a huge amount of character and it was a very close call but Harolds Cross came out on top. It was quite run down and could not be lived in its current state. These houses were former Guinness worker’s terrace homes from the 1930’s. When they got into it, the clients had a very clear idea of what they wanted,” explained Graham McNevin.

As previously mentioned, the house in its current state at the time was in need of some tender loving care and some serious work done to it. Together with the client, I am proud to say we really created a bright, energy efficient stylish home that maintained all of its original character and additions to complement and enhance it.

“I don’t think any project is straight forward and sacrifices needed to be made on many items, but these sacrifices seemed to enhance the project in the end. The site also dog-legs and any extension would have to follow this boundary. We used this as an opportunity to incorporate a set of internal steps thus creating ‘broken plan living,’ which is now becoming so popular,” enthused Mr McNevin.

As to what the home owners think of their home?
“Both clients absolutely loved the process from start to finish and were over the moon when they turned the key day one. I think the client, designer and builder were able to stand back and say WOW this looks different!

It exceeded so many expectations. Believe it or not, the clients learned a huge amount throughout the process and due to a change in family circumstances and the pitter patter of tiny feet they needed to upsize. They brought those tiny feet, their experiences and thankfully me along to the refurbishment of their new property! This property was completed last year and is another project to be proud of.

In terms of Mr McNevin’s overall thoughts on the project?
“It was my opinion to try and complement the existing building and try not to ‘over modernise,’ it. The internal decor was kept traditional with a modern twist and the extension took traditional form. Client, builder and neighbours were all a delight to work with to create a project to make you smile,” concluded Graham McNevin.


Graham McNevin
Mc Nevin Design,

Words: Emer KellyImages: Graham McNevin

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