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We never shy away from the challenging projects

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  • "The pods are so well insulated and the heat retention is so good that you could very easily and comfortably live in them."
  • "People have become more aware of their carbon footprint more so than ever before and have realized that simpler, smaller living is more environmentally friendly."

Lawn Pod is an Irish-owned business specialising in modular architecture and off-site construction. The team comprises people who are highly skilled builders passionate about architecture and building efficiency.

A Lawn Pod is a multi-function addition to any garden, from a home office to a granny flat. This company builds high-performance garden rooms that will last decades and provide warmth and cosiness all year round.

Advantages of these buildings include smart contemporary design, flexible open plan living spaces, planning exempt, solid concrete floor, structural and defect warranty, cost certainty as well as factory assembled or modular panel construction by an exceptional team of tradesmen.

One of our unique selling points is that we make all of our pods to order and we like the challenge of something new and different. While most jobs are nice and straightforward, we never shy away from the more challenging projects and we enjoy having a new set of problems to solve. We enjoy the work, designing something different and getting stuck in. Even if the build is pretty simple, customers may want finishes that are a little bit different so we will do pretty much anything the client’s heart desires whilst guiding them along the way, enthused Cormac Carey.

“Another thing that would set us apart from our competitors is the round roof (on our website) as it has caught a lot of people’s eyes and we have received a lot of calls about that.

The round roof works well in the countryside, but not so much in urban, built-up areas. It gives the appearance of a renovated hay barn.

“We also do a full concrete slab which means we ultimately build these units the way they should be built. A full concrete floor slab will carry longevity as well as having the building sealed off from insects and rodents.

All of our products are very well insulated and when you walk inside one, you can feel how cosy they are. Our customers also know that they are getting buildings that are cost-effective and built to last.

“A lot of customers are asking us for home offices as a lot of people are still working from home. People are designing their pods in such a way that they can be used as an office today but they are conscious of their children being in college in 5-10 years and they may need somewhere to live or a passive income such as Airbnb. Customers are always looking towards the future and that’s good because Lawn Pods last a long time so people should be thinking of what’s next.

“The pods are so well insulated and the heat retention is so good that you could very easily and comfortably live in them. It is very interesting to see what people are looking to do with them,” he continued.

“The products we have are nice and people like them but I do think that preferences will shift quite shortly and I’ve had a lot more people ask for maintenance-free cladding options and exterior finishes which can take the form of fibre-cement panels or metal cladding or a rendered finish rather than the timber.

The timber is nice as it is a nice contrast to most houses as well as having an organic look, but people are conscious of the maintenance that comes with that as well as the ongoing cost of that maintenance.

“We are going to start using these finishes more and more. We are also looking at the granny flat market as the one and two-bedroom options are going to become very important for people struggling with the cost of living crisis and housing costs.

People have become more aware of their carbon footprint than ever before and have realised that simpler, smaller living is more environmentally friendly. That’s why it is so important to have adequate insulation and air-tightness,” concluded Cormac Carey.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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