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Sales Manager for VELUX Ireland Paul Herr in conversation with Emer Kelly

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  • "Too little light will make a room seem small – but plenty of light makes a home feel more spacious, more welcoming and more comfortable."
  • "Create an ideal atmosphere with VELUX blinds by controlling the amount of warmth and daylight in your home and/or extension."

For more than 80 years, the VELUX Group has created better living environments for people around the world. Using daylight and fresh air. A passion for daylight, fresh air and better living environments.

Here, Sales Manager for VELUX Ireland Paul Herr discusses what products will be best suited to an attic conversion project with Emer Kelly.

Build & Renovate: What are the best VELUX products to install in an attic conversion?

Paul Herr: We want our customers to get as much daylight and fresh air as possible. When we survey our customers a common response is ‘I should have put in a bigger window or more windows.’ Before starting any home improvement and adding in natural light to your home, we’d suggest using VELUX’s Daylight Calculator, a free of charge tool which helps you plan number and size of roof windows to be installed, so you can get the light right and achieve the optimal amount of daylight in any home.

The new VELUX 3in1 & 2in1 solar powered roof window is a great option to allow an abundance of light into the home, and is fully remote-controlled for extra convenience. It provides homeowners with up to 289% more access to daylight when compared to a regular single roof window and giving the option of having multiple windows. Multiple VELUX roof windows create gorgeous, light-filled rooms.

With such a significant increase in extensions being built and with 10-15% of these extensions built with a roof pitch below 15°, the VELUX Low Pitch roof window offers a stylish solution to using a roof kerb. It is ideal for homeowners, installers, and architects – for new or existing home extensions, with roof pitches as low as 10° that overcomes the challenges of installing a roof window in single-storey extensions with a low pitch.

Create an ideal atmosphere with VELUX blinds by controlling the amount of warmth and daylight in your home and/or extension is key for enjoying the optimum indoor atmosphere in your extra space. VELUX blinds and shutters give you more flexibility and control over your heat and light.

Plus, with the biggest range of styles, fabrics, colours and designs, they can transform how your living space looks too. Also comes equipped with remote-controlled VELUX electric blinds which let you programme when and how you want your blinds to open and close.

Build & Renovate: Would you have any advice to offer to customers when it comes to them converting their attic space?

Paul Herr: Firstly, ensure you have the space. It is very unlikely that planning permission will be required however if you live in a conservation area or a listed building some research will be required. We do have a conservation/heritage window solution anyway. Research is key to the optimum outcome for your attic space.

With such a multitude of options from size, finish, glazing options whether it be extra security, noise reduction or heat protection I would advise talking to VELUX, contact our “Daylight Advisory” team for free advice and a personal design proposal www.velux.ie/get-started.

If you’re thinking about embarking on a home improvement project, then you’ve got a great opportunity to bring in much more natural light into your home which will aid concentration and boost productivity.

Too little light will make a room seem small – but plenty of light makes a home feel more spacious, more welcoming and more comfortable. VELUX roof windows are a great solution to maximise daylight in your home and completely transform your space.

If you position your roof windows so they follow the sun’s movements, for example, then your room can enjoy sunlight throughout the day with daylight from above.

Build & Renovate: Why are VELUX the company to purchase products from?

Paul Herr: For 80 years all over the world VELUX contributes to a healthy indoor environment. The VELUX Group has helped people transform spaces using daylight and fresh air through the roof. Our award winning roof windows can fit any roof – flat, pitched, old or new and can be accessorised with VELUX blinds and shutters. VELUX roof windows are built to last.

We take pride in our craft and high quality products; but what you may not see is that VELUX windows are part of an ambitious sustainability strategy. We are taking action to capture our historical emissions.

We are focused on sustainability in everything we do, our production facility strives to achieve zero waste, we source responsibly and continually reduce environmental impact. We all need a healthy home – including Mother Nature. We are doing everything we can to make that happen. It’s our nature.

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