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John and Emma Foley of Lifesize Plans Leinster talk to Build & Renovate

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  • "Right now we're very focused on Lifesize Plans Leinster being a success."
  • "Before we decided to bring the franchise to Ireland, we visited the facility in France and our first impressions left us blown away as we were so immersed in the space."

Lifesize Plans Leinster will bring architectural projects to life with its cutting-edge technology & custom-fit Dublin premises;
the innovative technology gives residential & commercial clients the opportunity to physically & virtually walk around their new build, renovation, or extension project in a LIFESIZE scale.

Owners John and Emma Foley will launch the new business this Summer bringing the state-of-the-art, patented technology to Ireland for the first time.

Lifesize Plans Leinster provides clients the opportunity to walk through their project before they start building. The business aims to give clients security and confidence in their design and helps to prevent additional expenditure brought about by making design changes on-site.

The premises, located in Dublin 12, includes moveable furniture which is used as part of the experience to provide clients spatial awareness of their design and assist them in gaining a better understanding of the flow and the function of their plan.

The showroom provides an upper-level observation deck to

give clients the ideal view of their plan and includes cutting edge meeting room technology and collaborative breakout spaces for project teams to utilise after their walkthrough.

The husband-and-wife team embarked on their entrepreneurial journey after hitting a snag during their own renovation plans. When Emma could not fully visualise a planned extension to their kitchen John went in search of something that would give them a ‘to scale’ idea of the finished project – and found that such a thing did not exist in Ireland.

Lifesize Plans Director, John, said: “When we were considering the refurbishment, we had lots of different designs and we wanted to explore all of them before deciding which we wanted to go with, but we couldn’t find a way to do it, then we came across an Australian company offering a full-size walk through of architectural plans and we thought ‘that is exactly it!’ That is how the Lifesize Plans journey began and now we are excited to help other people like us bring their plans to life!”

Lifesize Plans Leinster provides expert showroom consultants to help walk clients through the process. With their guidance clients can find and make changes to their plan before construction begins.

It is very much a family-run business with Emma’s father, John O’Donoghue, also part of the Lifesize Plans Leinster team.

“Before we decided to bring the franchise to Ireland, we visited the facility in France and our first impressions left us blown away as we were so immersed in the space,” said John & Emma

“I was initially attracted to Lifesize Plans because of its simplicity. My background is in project management (having originally studied architecture). I’ve a huge amount of experience working on site particularly focused on change and budget management. When a client makes a change to their project, the effect it has on programme and budget can be substantial. I see Lifesize Plans as a cost and time saving tool. Customers will be able to use the service to visualise their plans and get the fundamentals of their design right before they start their build or renovation project,” enthused John


“As part of the franchise agreement, we have secured the territory for the island of Ireland. We do have growth plans for the future but right now we’re very focused on Lifesize Plans Leinster being a success,” finished Emma & John Foley.


Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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