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Living walls have so many benefits…

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  • "By installing a living wall, you are continuing to introduce or include bio-diversity into the garden."
  • "They are a lovely feature to both the home and garden."

Living walls Ltd was established in 2014. Their passion for landscaping and nature is to try and encourage bringing life to buildings of glass, bricks and steel.

Living Walls are also the main distributor in Ireland for the ANS Global, a leading living wall and green roof provider globally.

“With everything that is going on with the climate crisis and from an environmental point of view, living walls have so many benefits from being aesthetically pleasing to look at, it creates biodiversity in urban areas and it also purifies and cleans the air.

Where space is at a premium an organic living wall is the perfect solution to provide valuable ecological benefits and create a long-term environmental asset, a living wall can be added to an outdoor wall or a fence so as planting is still available in your garden whether you are hoping to plant soft fruits or some flowers.

They are a lovely feature to both the home and garden,” explained Mark Milner.

“By installing a living wall, you are continuing to introduce or include bio-diversity into the garden. There isn’t a whole lot of maintenance involved with these products, especially with an outdoor living wall.

We provide a service as to how the system is operated and we’re on call to do a service or if the home owner need us to call out to check on the irrigation system.

“It is important to allow your living wall to grow and let it live without it becoming too wild.

We use a soil based system, soil is so important within a living wall, This living wall system uses a natural soil based media as the plant substrate.

The plants are therefore growing in their natural environment which allows for healthy natural growth, and greater flexibility with planting design to fulfil the purpose (eg. biodiversity).

basically the soil works as a huge benefit from a bio-diversity point of view as soil is proven to absorb so many bad toxins and it is of huge benefit especially to insects,” added Mr Milner.

“Biodiversity is hugely important to our quality of life, and this is especially pertinent in our urban spaces, where nature (and therefore biodiversity) is often constructed out.

“To Conclude; as development increases and space becomes more precious, we’ve looked to the wasted surfaces in our urban areas to re-introduce nature and provide long-term environmental benefits,” finished Mark Milner

Words: Emer KellyImages: Living Walls

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