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Our aim is to continue to grow at a positive rate.

John Sunderland of Propono Group talks to Build & Renovate

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  • We also complete mainstream building and construction services.
  • We are satisfied that we provide an unrivalled service to a variety of customers.

Should you be unfortunate to suffer loss or damage to your home or business premises, The Propono Group is on hand to help you through what is an extremely difficult time for you.

Their unrivalled experience within the Insurance and Construction sectors lends to offering a ‘best in class’ service to you.

Their ‘Customer First’ attitude ensures immediate mitigating actions to minimise the damage to your property. An immediate response is key to the restoration process for your home or business premises.

The Propono Group will carefully remove, store and restore your contents and items whilst completing full restoration works to your property.

Their team holds both construction and insurance qualifications with decades of experience working within the property insurance claims sector.

The Propono Group’s team members have held Claims Manager, Loss Adjusting & Assessing, Construction Manager and Contracts Manager positions within Major Insurance, Construction and Claims Management companies within Ireland, Europe and further afield.

The Propono Group’s services include fire and smoke damage restoration, flood and water damage restoration, storm damage, oil damage, building and construction services, architectural, engineering and interior design services.

“In one of my previous roles as Property Claims Manager for Aviva (ROI), we dedicated a considerable amount of time to understanding customers’ needs following incidents of fire or water damage to their properties. The Propono Group identified a niche in the market for doing what we do to exceptionally high standards, whilst maintaining our customers’ needs to the fore” said John Sunderland.

“The business is going extremely well. My business partners, Paul and Tom Mullen are very much aligned in terms of what ‘growth’ looks like to us as a company. We are satisfied that we provide an unrivalled service to a variety of customers and clients within the insurance and property damage reinstatement arena. We are very fortunate to have such knowledge in house, with Frank, Maria, Josh and all of the other valued members of our team who understand the world of constructing and deconstructing properties, both in terms of mainstream construction and the specialist environment of reinstating buildings following incidents such as fire damage, flood or water damage.

We also complete mainstream building and construction services including extensive renovations, extensions etc. and we have completed considerable work on protected and listed structures, enthused Mr Sunderland.

“Our work is predominantly in Leinster, however we currently have live jobs in Cork, Galway, Monaghan and Mayo.

“Looking to the future, we have had a fantastic first year even in a difficult environment created by the pandemic. Our aim is to continue to grow at a positive rate whilst cementing ourselves as the go to company for customer and clients in the damage mitigation and insurance related property reinstatement sector in Ireland. We also aim to continue and develop discussions with regard to opportunities for our business within Europe,” concluded John Sunderland.


Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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