This certainly is fun for me!

Founded in 2015 by Brian Tyrrell, the team at Bear Creation pour their hearts into designing and manufacturing high quality furniture and homeware.

With their experience of timber furniture, metalworking and upholstery, they believe they can produce heirloom pieces that age beautifully and will be passed through generations.

“If somebody wants something that is going to be detailed, looks different as well as good quality then they will approach us with ideas of what they want as well as referencing other pieces that we have made and from there, we will create a bespoke piece for them,” explained Brian.

“As we are the designers and the makers, we can draw the piece as well as make it, rather than approaching a manufacturer to be told that something can’t be done.

I will encourage the client to make what they would like me to create for them to be as difficult as possible!

I love a challenge and I have problem solvers working with me, each month is different in our workshop which keeps it very new, exciting and challenging!

“I’m a big fan of parameters and I’m a big fan of a client informing me of what timber (s) they like and so forth.

I like to get to know my customers whilst also asking them lots of questions so I can figure out how to design what they are looking for accordingly and that is the most exciting part of the job for me followed by making it which makes it very satisfying when I’m handing a project over to the client.

There are very few things in life that are fun and this certainly is fun for me whilst also showcasing creativity,” he added.

In terms of what 2024 holds for Bear Creation?

“We would like to become more of a name in the industry that people would recognise as a business to come to for sideboards, tables and other freestanding furniture.

The idea of being an Irish furniture maker like we had back in the 1950’s is what I’m aiming for, I like the idea of being the guy down the road that people go to for their furniture requirements.

We can drive the products to the customers house which means it is more of a personal service rather than having it shipped by an international maker. We would really like to do this whilst staying true to our roots,” concluded Mr Tyrrell.

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